Bridging the divide for excluded township economies – SASDC and Gauteng Provincial Government Partnership

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The South African Supplier Diversity Council exists to address socio-economic challenges in South Africa through value chain diversity and inclusion in order to improve economic sustainability.  We strive to unlock the competitiveness of diverse SMMEs by creating access to procurement markets for marginalized Black business through the development of a collaborative eco-systems of partners from business and government.

In 2016, the South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC) partnered with the Gauteng Provincial Government to target marginalised township communities who systemically remained excluded from the South African main stream economy.

In South Africa, the term “township” refers to the underdeveloped racially segregated urban areas built on the periphery of towns and cities that during apartheid were reserved for non-whites, namely Indians, Africans and Coloureds.

Township communities remain impoverished with high levels of unemployment.   They predominantly do not have access to quality education leaving them with a lack of skills to compete in the mainstream economy.   These communities formed a key focus of the Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s State of the Province address in June 2014, during which he stated that “the significant participation and meaningful inclusion of the people of the township into mainstream economy of Gauteng through their own township enterprises that are supported by the government and big businesses will be one of the key game changers….The townships must be self-sufficient and vibrant economic centres.”

Township businesses most often started out of necessity as a response to high unemployment rates and the inability to find employment.  The result is that these businesses are often not compliant and need assistance to become procurement ready.

The partnership between the SASDC and the Gauteng Provincial government sought to tackle some of these issues by implementing a holistic intervention built on three development pillars.  The first pillar sought to assess the capability of township businesses in terms of their market readiness, secondly to provide access to capacity building programmes to supplement and/or address skills gaps and, finally, to provide access to procurement opportunities through linkage events.


We bid farewell to our 2018 interns, who were an integral part of the success in achieving the assessments target

An important component of the project was the inclusion of unemployed graduates to provide capacity for the procurement readiness assessment pillar.  Fifty youth, residing in the different townships in which the targeted SMMEs are based, were recruited and employed as interns for the project.  This allowed them to gain valuable work experience and up-skilling, preparing them for the world of work and giving them key insights into the components required for running a competitive business.  The interns played a vital role in meeting the assessment target set for the project. Together, they assessed a total of 2,617 township enterprises, exceeding the original project target by 8%.


Facilitator Gontse Mope and his class who completed the Integrated Safety Systems of Work programme for SMMEs in the construction industry

Building on the knowledge gained through the procurement readiness assessment process, and to address the skills deficit for many township-based SMMEs, the second project pillar offered these business access to training and development programmes in order to improve their capacity and to compete better for opportunities in the market.  Interventions ranged from 1-day workshops to 12 month intensive development programmes.  2491 SMMEs benefited from accessing 1-day workshops with a further 777 on-boarded and completing 3 to 12 month programmes.  These training and development programmes were mainly delivered by experienced development specialist drawn from the SASDC’s diverse pool of more than 700 certified black owned suppliers.

Through linkage events, procurement-ready township businesses met with prospective buyers in the private and public sector, providing them access to potential market opportunities.  The SASDC hosted 10 corporate linkage events and a further 5 supplier engagement events involving the Gauteng Provincial Government Supply Chain representatives.

The SASDC is pleased with progress being made by township-based businesses who seized the opportunity to up-skill themselves and are growing their businesses by applying the knowledge and tools they have accumulated through this intervention.  The SASDC will continue to advocate that this intervention should be replicated in the rest of the country to ensure that all previously disadvantaged communities get the support and attention they need in order to change and better their circumstances.



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During the 2016 financial year, Cummins partnered with the South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC) to implement an Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme that not only complies with the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) regulatory environment, but also supports and delivers value to the overall strategic business objectives of the Company.  The scope of work covered capacity building support being rendered to 10 Supplier Development (SD) and 5 Enterprise Development (ED) beneficiaries.

Cummins SA has aligned and implements its ESD Programme at a country level in line with the Cummins Inc. Corporate Diversity Procurement Strategy.  In lieu thereof, its overall objective is not only to develop local black owned suppliers to meet its South African procurement requirements, but also to ensure that these suppliers are able to access and service the global procurement needs of Cummins Inc.  It is for this reason that the development of suppliers needs to enable them to think and gear themselves up to operate globally by being exposed to international training and development programmes and procurement markets alike.

Gary Joseph, SASDC CEO, stated that “through its membership with the SASDC, Cummins is able to support this global development intent.  The SASDC is one of 6 supplier diversity councils around the world and, through its affiliation with the Global Supplier Diversity Alliance (GSDA), is able to access international best practices as well as tap into this global network (on behalf of our corporate members and certified black owned suppliers) for development and market access opportunities.

About the International Supplier Development Programme

The Minority Supplier Development UK (MSDUK) launched their first international “Building a High Performing Minority Business” Residential Programme in collaboration with US-based Dartmouth University’s Tuck Business School and UK-based Aston University.  This programme was scheduled to complement the MSDUK 2018 Conference and Awards flagship event and packaged accordingly for the participation of a maximum of 30 certified suppliers – 20 MSDUK certified suppliers and 10 certified suppliers from other GSDA international councils.

For more than 38 years, Tuck Business School has created a dedicated platform to share its expertise and knowledge with minority business entrepreneurs looking to build stronger and more profitable companies. Tuck Minority Programs allow diverse business owners and executives the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day stress of running a business and think more strategically about the future. Business owners get a road map to reach their goals and a network for life that will enrich them, both personally and professionally.

Following the successful implementation of interventions during 2016 and 2017 under the Cummins ESD programme, Cummins SA provided the opportunity for 5 of its third year supplier development beneficiaries to partake in the MSDUK Tusk-Aston Residential Programme by sponsoring their programme registration, international travel and accommodation costs.

From Local to Global

Cummins has over the past few years been driving the inclusion of more Black owned businesses into its supply chain, while at the same time focusing on and fostering mutually beneficial commercial relationships with targeted Black owned suppliers that form of its ESD programme.  Through this approach, the support of high growth potential and high performing supplier development beneficiaries were essential criteria applied with the selection of the following 5 suppliers that benefited from the Cummins sponsorship:



Sector / Industry

Recruitment and HR related Services

Company Profile


We work with you to gain an understanding of your organisation and we work with you to identify distinct challenges and opportunities to meet your Recruitment and Human Resources goals. Then we apply our methodology and skills to tailor services, ensuring success. We provide personal yet professional services.

  • Permanent Placements
  • Contract Placements
  • Executive Search
  • HR Consulting – Performance Management, Organisational Development, Labour Relations, Assessment
  • Payroll for Southern Africa and Africa.


Sector / Industry

Engineering Projects / Manufacturing / Retail

Company Profile

Deltron is a multidisciplinary Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) led project development, execution, operations and maintenance company.Deltron serves a diversity of sectors encompassing Infrastructure, Power, Energy, Building Services, Industrial and Mining. Our roots are proudly South African with a nationwide footprint and headquarters that are strategically located in Johannesburg, South Africa – the gateway to Africa. Considering that we also have established operations in other African countries, Deltron is no doubt well on track to fulfill its vision of becoming a truly global business

Deltron has advanced from being a pure EPCM company to becoming a project development and also an operations and maintenance company with a capacity to handle EPC / Turnkey, Build Operate (BOM)/ Public Private Partnership (PPP) as well as Operations & Maintenance which is inclusive of Facilities Management. Our operating model is backed by our ability to execute project preparation coupled with feasibility studies that will get a project to a bankable stage whereby we will be in a position to raise capital for the project Execution.


Sector / Industry

Advertising, Marketing, Communications

Company Profile

Busi Ntuli Communications is a black female owned communications agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa’s financial hub. We offer advertising, marketing and communications solutions to leading government departments, private companies and non-governmental organisations in South Africa. On a daily basis, we design and implement through-the-line (above-the-line and below-the-line) advertising campaigns for clients in various industries.

Our creative processes and implementation are rooted in solid insights derived from research findings and fifteen (15) years of experience. Every project begins with an exhaustive appraisal of the brand we are working on and resultant creative ideas are driven by the desire to fulfil brand expectations and surpass clients’ communication objectives. In addition, our creative and account management teams are synced to always find a balanced mix of creative execution and solid industry efficiency.

We create impactful communication campaigns by utilising the most optimal platforms for each client-specific brand communication objectives. With our extensive industry knowledge and understanding of the South African diverse market, we offer professional, on-the-ground marketing and communications services for both local and international companies with business footprints in Africa.


Sector / Industry

Industrial Supplies

Company Profile

Sandon DHW is an amalgamation between Der Handwerker and Sandon Trading.Derhandwerker was established in 1952 and was always the market leader in specialised and high quality Tools and Consumables. Well known as a Wholesaler and Distributor in the Automotive and Mining Industry for quality brands such as Gedore, Stanley, Brito, Kennedy, Stahlwille, Sykes-Pickavant and other famous brand tools

Sandon Trading, a SASDC certified company was established in 2008 as an Industrial Supplies and Client Specific Procurement company. Specialising in Hand & Power Tools, Consumables, Protective Clothing and Safety Wear, Welding Equipment, Abrasives, Electrical & Plumbing Supplies, Hardware, and so on. Sandon Trading services industries such as Assembly Plants, Manufacturers, Construction & Mining, Engineering, Woodworking, Technical High Schools, Universities and Technical Colleges.


Sector / Industry

Marketing & Communication/ Corporate Branding

Company Profile

Zamanguni specialises in Corporate Branding Services which are mainly made up of:

  • Conceptualisation & Design and Branded Corporate Gifts & Clothing
  • Branded Corporate Flags & Banners and Corporate Signage

We believe that our many years of business service in the industry has made us one of the leaders & experts at what we do. Our experience in working with varied clients in both public and private sector has given us an edge in better understanding & servicing our clients needs. We pride ourselves in the statistic that more than 50% of our business comes from the clients that we have serviced for more than 10 years. Our relentless obsession with service quality is what sets us apart from our competitors.

For this reason we welcome and embrace competition in our space and we see it as an opportunity and a good test as opposed to it being a threat.  As we continue this journey we look forward to breaking new ground as we continue to learn and grow.

Bon Voyage

7     8

The SASDC International Mission delegation of suppliers, accompanied by Brendan Raju, Corporate Indirect Purchasing’s Africa Regional Leader and Supplier Diversity Champion, departed for Birmingham, UK, on the 20th September 2018.  Already from the international departures terminal of OR Tambo International, the excitement of the group became the main ingredient for the strong camaraderie and team spirit that was to be observed and revered by our international partners.  After 15 hours in transit, the group touched down in high spirits and after having a very short time to freshen up, headed straight to class where what was to be an intensive training programme kicked off.

For the next few days, the Programme allowed diverse business owners and executives the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day stress of running a business and think more strategically about the future – accessing a road map to reach their goals and a network for life that will enrich them, both personally and professionally.

The program gave the business owners the tools and skills needed to expand corporate success, covering important strategic topics such as Accounting for Growth, Strategic Growth, Organizational Design and Growth, Acquisitions and Negotiating for Success.  The participants learned the best course of action to take their businesses to the next level of success. During this three-day program, the Cummins ESD beneficiaries joined other successful minority business leaders in assessing their business strategy and exploring how their core competencies can be redirected to provide a growth trajectory.

What some the participants had to say

9   10

“Cummins through this sponsorship of diverse suppliers have set themselves apart from other corporates and provided me with the correct tools and opportunity to substantially grow my business. Cummins have invested in my future and in My Dream called RZ Recruitment and I am eternally grateful and thankful.”

Razeena Ahamanto – CEO, RZ Recruitment

“The programme was invaluable and I am leaving so much richer than when I arrived. The professors were thought provoking and very insightful. They captivated us and left us with so much to implement and consider in our own businesses.”

Anusha Gowriah – Director, Sandon DHW


Leading from the Front


Diversity and inclusion have been part of the Cummins core values and corporate culture for more than 40 years, with the Company receiving recognition in the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity for the 12th consecutive year, ranking 12th overall and 9th for supplier diversity.  This continuous improvement journey is made possible as a direct result of overall leadership commitment and dedication.  This was evidenced by the level of participation of Cummins at the MSDUK Conference and Awards Gala, not just as sponsors of the delegation of South African black owned suppliers, but also by the participation of Cummins representatives on the conference programme.  The support and encouragement provided to the ESD beneficiaries in attendance was evident throughout the conference with the beneficiaries acknowledging that Cummins is serious about supplier diversity.  They all shared the sentiment that it is very rare that they have the opportunity to meet, let alone engage with the global executive leadership of any multinational company.  The presence and support for supplier diversity by Jim Gruwell (Executive Director, Strategic Purchasing), Helena Hutton (Diversity Procurement Director), Denis Ford (International Sourcing Leader EMEA), and Graeme Green (Purchasing Leader EMEA) were truly appreciated and revered by the Cummins ESD beneficiaries.

Our Continued Commitment

The Cummins SA ESD programme has progressed exceptionally well since inception in 2016 and is receiving recognition as a benchmark of best practice for effective Enterprise and Supplier Development interventions.  The participation and commitment displayed by ED and SD beneficiaries to date is testimony to the value that they place on the support provided by Cummins.

“This special intervention is not only aligned to the global supplier diversity objectives of Cummins as a multinational but will also serve as an incentive and reward for beneficiaries to deliver the value that Cummins aims to achieve from the programme

Brendan Raju, Corporate Indirect Purchasing’s Africa Regional Leader and Supplier Diversity Champion.