The Global Supplier Diversity Alliance: helping companies drive economic inclusion through the expansion of their supplier diversity programmes globally

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We are an alliance of global supplier diversity advocacy networks providing research, tools, resources and connections to companies as they develop powerful inclusive supply chain practices that strengthen their global supplier diversity programmes.

Our Core Focus


Collective view of the global supplier diversity landscape

Extensive research programme across priority regions globally
Establishing definitions, gather data insights, understand political-legal and social framework

Develop in-country supplier diversity framework

Impact reporting


Develop a global framework on certification and best operational practices for advocacy organisations

Assist in establishing network of local advocacy organisations and include them as GSDA alliance partners

Advocacy and influence on public government policy


Use technology to connect advocacy networks across the world

Offer these advocacy networks to share strategic resources and data


Organise annual global conference, local policy supplier diversity summits and leadership lectures

Establish a digital platform to share global best practices

Offer a global SD benchmarking tool to measure social impact

Our approach to economic inclusion of minority and indigenous business globally

Investing in world-class research to understand the legal, economic and social context for supplier diversity in different countries.

Assisting establishing local advocacy organisations through a global framework of certification and world class business practices.

Utilising data to support business case development.

Creating an alliance of in-country advocacy councils to facilitate dialogue, sharing and mentoring.

Why partner with GSDA?

Expertise and guidance on local laws and regulations and policies
Develop global advocacy framework
Access to minority businesses globally with local and global reach
A global standard of certification
Local knowledge and support with a global view
Research and reporting
“GSDA’s mission of promoting supplier diversity in regions across the world where it doesn’t exist is going to be critical in empowering under-represented minority businesses globally. Its commitment to investing in research, developing a global framework for advocacy as well as certification and sharing business intelligence driven by data will help companies thinking of going global with their supplier diversity efforts. Accenture is proud to be a founding partner of GSDA and look forward to working with the team.”
Nedra Dickson
Managing Director
Global Supplier Inclusion & Diversity – Supply Chain
“Supplier Diversity programmes make a significant socio-economic impact by encouraging entrepreneurship within marginalised communities. GSDA’s role in taking supplier diversity across the world through research, advocacy and by building a global framework in advocacy and certification is a huge step to economically empower minority businesses and reduce economic inequalities. EY is honoured to be part of this ground breaking organisation.”
Theresa Harrison
Managing Director
Global ESG & Enablement Leader, Supply Chain Services, EY

The GSDA leadership


Mayank Shah

Co-founder & Managing Director

Our founding advisory group

Nedra Dickson
Rondu Vincent
Bristol Myers Squibb
Helena Hutton
Theresa Harrison
Micheal Robinson
IBM (retired)
Raul Suarez-Rodriguez
Our corporate investors
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